Friday, February 27, 2009

Boss Oaken Artbuckle bye bye

This blog started out in swedish.
The idea was to submit crazy ideas and silly humour.
It was a place for my alter ego Boss Oaken Artbuckle to reign supreme.
But as always I was too busy to take care of the blog so eventually I forgot about it.

Lately I´ve built a new personal website.
I want a news section but as the limited hacker I am I just can´t figure out how to do it.

So bye bye ´Boss Oaken Artbuckle´, here is ´Distortions and Mysteries´ version 2.0 -the news section linked from my website.
It won´t be a very active news/blog but every now and then I will post some stuff.

Some remains from the Artbuckle era can still be seen below...